All you need to know: Pokémon GO Updates

The world has been in absolute chaos since Pokémon GO‘s initial release last month. Swarms of trainers have walked long and far in the hopes of catching the more elusive Pokémon that are scattered across the world.

But the questions on everyone’s minds has always been: When is there going to be an update? Will there be trading? Battling? Where are all the Pokémon Centres?

Well, we have our answer. The first update for the game has been released, and it’s not exactly what we were hoping for. Read on for the main points from the update.

  • Avatars can now be customised. You can re-do your avatar by navigating to the Trainer profile screen.
  • Battle move damage values. Some of the damage values for Pokémon moves have been adjusted.
  • Safety warning every login. Concerns around safety have been addressed by adding a popup every time you login, reminding you not to play while driving.
  • Battle damage calculation. This has also been modified.
  • Pokémon footprints have been removed. No more hints as to how close that pesky Pidgey is!
  • Various memory issue and bug fixes. Niantic have fixed a whole bunch of bugs, especially ones around wild Pokémon encounters.
  • Minor map feature issues and text fixes. Just some small changes around some of the map interface and text.

Pokémon Go at Central Park, NY

Other than that, there’s really not a lot going on in the game. Lots of players are in uproar about there being next to nothing in terms of new features, but what we must remember is Niantic are still focusing on just the full release of the game. What we do know is they have major plans for the game, and features such as trading and battling will be included in the future. We just have to sit tight for now, and keep catching them all.


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