World of Warcraft – Life begins at level 90


As previously said, it’s actually only very recently that I have managed to get a character on World of Warcraft to level 90. For me, this is a massive achievement that took a great deal of hard work and time (I have commitment issues when it comes to level grinding), but its actually fairly straightforward and easy to reach that point in the game. Admittedly I did it with a hunter which some could consider cheating, as they are certainly the easiest to level with.

But what happens now? No more exp from quests, no more “ding” in guild chat when you slay that 300,000th trogg. For a good while I found myself wandering the streets of Silver moon, wondering what else I could be doing, but you would be surprised at just how much there is left to do! So here’s at least a few of the many things you can occupy your time with.

See the world! Azeroth is huge, and you can easily spend a great deal of time exploring it. There are even multiple achievements to be completed by seeing every corner of every map, so its worth doing. Speaking of achievements…

Finish all the achievements. This could in theory keep you busy for a very long time, as the list of achievements is pretty much constantly growing as Blizzard adds new game content. Some are easy, some are tough, and a lot of them are just downright ridiculous. But ridiculous or not, they must be completed.

Become a master craftsman. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to your character’s personal talents. Even if you’ve maxed out your two chosen professions, you still have plenty of skills to develop, like First Aid, Cooking, Fishing and even the newer skill, Archaeology.

Loot and Pillage. A lot of players are big on PvP and raids. I personally have little experience in this field, but for those in the know it can be very fun, and very rewarding. Not to mention insanely time consuming; you’ll likely never grow bored of it if you are good enough to win at it.

Take to the stage. Those who can’t raid, roleplay. Of course this isn’t true, as a lot of players do both! And my allegiance lies firmly with the RPers. Roleplaying is like building up an entire world of your own where the possibilities are only restricted by each players own imagination. Definitely the most time consuming thing that I have been a part of on WoW.

So there are a few things to get you going, but obviously there’s a lot more to be getting on with. Got something to add to the list? Comment below and let’s discuss it.


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