What is so alluring about Online Gaming, anyway?

Competitive online gaming is increasing in popularity every day. It could be argued that it has now become the deciding factor when purchasing a game. I know i’ve been swayed by it before. Take Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for example. I had absolutely no interest in the campaign storyline and to this day have only utilised its multiplayer mode; mostly with my IRL friends. I asked myself what could be possibly be so enticing about it. Was it the sociability? or just the fact that competitive online play is exhilarating, entertaining and fun. Was there a perfect mix of the two?

It is human nature to crave greatness, and there are many ways to achieve this. Some race, some fight, some debate, and some play. Everyone will have experienced competitiveness at least once in their lives. Think back to that time. Did you win? Did you lose? Does it matter? even if you were upset about the loss, the experience was worth it. Very much the same can be said for online gaming.

Competitive gaming is a blend of traditional competitiveness and modern entertainment. It gives the chance for people to prove themselves to the world in a new way. And all you need is a game and something to play it on. Even the training, unlike a sport, is fun. Anything else, like boxing for example, would be a terrible bother to get practice in; rigorous exercise, constant working out. In practicing for a game, you are still enjoying yourself and learning how to compete all at the same time.

Competitive online gaming is addictive and just as entertaining as any other competitive sport. Best of all – anyone can do it. Well, almost anyone. But as with any sport, all it takes is practice. Sure, it doesn’t involve as much exercise as a regular competitive sport, and many have been known to become addicted to gaming, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed with a devil-may-care attitude. And besides, you get enough exercise walking to the store to pick up more games!

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