Bloombusters: A Downloadable Game

Many downloadable games leave a lot to be desired. This is not the case with Irreverent‘s new release, BloomBusters. If you’re looking for a game that can either be played during a Coffee break or stretched over a long period of time, Bloombusters may just be the game for you.

Almost immediately upon loading, you will assume that the game is aimed at children and to an extent, you would be right. The storyline is that of a Crazy over-zealous villain that has turned “nature” into crazy over-zealous creatures. Can you see the pattern emerging here? Your goal is to do some gardening..and maybe stop these invading..things along the way.

In all seriousness, if you persevere with the game you will find that there is much more to it than meets the eye. The game is actually really in-depth with over twenty levels, and although lacking somewhat on integrity as far as the storyline goes, the game-play itself is surprisingly fun (not to mention refreshingly new). You get to defend plants while they grow and even feed pigs, all the while slapping greedy creatures that appear to eat your cabbages and wreck the garden. While that in itself sounds like a bad rewrite of a Monty Python sketch, this game is definitely a welcome break from the normality of reality, and the comical style embedded into it outweighs its negative aspects.

The audio is clear and crisp, unfortunately this is contrary to the graphics which are somewhat lacking. But this game certainly doesn’t need fancy images to make it playable; the lack of good graphics takes nothing away from the experience. One downside however is that it does eventually become rather repetitive, but not before you’ve had a really good go. Having said that, you may find yourself so immersed that the trial period of play just simply isn’t enough; You’ll have to pay to play the game in its entirety.

There is a choice of three difficulty settings; the classic Easy/Medium/Hard setup. As well as this, each level increases in difficulty as you play. You may find yourself switching from easy to medium fairly soon after you begin playing (once you understand the basics). That’s if you like a challenge of course.

BloomBusters is a great time waster if you actually have time to waste. It’s addictive, fun and hilarious to listen to. The choice between the two protagonists is a difficult one because both speak with comical voices that make the game just a tiny bit more enjoyable. It is an easy to understand game that is definitely worth a look at, just don’t expect the latest graphics phenomenon. All in all; a great relief from other, more serious games. Not to mention a fantastically stimulating break from the mundanity of real life!



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