A Short Guide To Surviving Snipers on Halo: Reach

Surviving Team Snipers on Halo: Reach requires a lot of patience, a moderate amount of skill and a spot of luck. There is one important motto to remember whilst playing; Whatever you’re planning as your next move, it is almost certain that the enemy will be thinking the exact same thing. Think of it as both a gift and a curse. After having played the Halo series since it’s first release on the original Xbox, here are my (near) professional tips for making sure you’re at the top of that leaderboard in every postgame.

The most common trap to fall into during gameplay is going for a high area with good visibility. Both teams will definitely be trying to achieve this, so you’ll find it’s sometimes a race to get there; you’re going to die a lot. It’s just the nature of sniper-play; a good vantage point does make sense, but you should keep your wits about you. Always try and find a place that is concealed but also has an escape route if the fighting gets too hectic.

Strafing is a very important tool for survival. Running head on at the enemy shooting wildly will only get you killed. Strafing left and right makes you substantially harder to hit. Be sure to mix up the way you strafe however, or the enemy will soon learn your movement patterns.

Always aim for the neck. This way you have a good chance of a head shot, but if you miss you will still have a good chance to hit the body, which is better than nothing. Also try and use only a single zoom unless you are really far away, as the first zoom on the scope is easier to handle and much more accurate than dry-scoping (shooting without using the scope).

Another good maneuver to try when you are running from an enemy is crouching. If timed right you can duck out of the way of a head shot. Surprisingly, this technique works better when facing more experienced players as they will be aiming for your head for that one shot kill when attacking.

Finally, try and run down the enemy’s ammunition by using strafing and crouching to your advantage. Let them empty a few rounds before retaliating. However, keep one bullet in your cartridge if you fail to kill with your first three shots, as you can use this last one to put off the enemy halfway through his next round of firing.

Remember practice really does make perfect, and if you’re not sure of a target, don’t shoot until you are!


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